Mission Statement

The Mission of the Oakland Athletic League “OAL” Middle School Sports League is to provide all students with a robust sports program that is inclusive and equitable for all students to develop self-confidence, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and leadership by providing quality athletic educational programs.

OAL Safe & Nurturing Sports Best Practices:

  • Provide exemplary athletic oversight through swift, fair, consistent, and impartial regulatory rulings.
  • Operate with an openness that generates trust with strict fiscal accountability with equitable funding practices.
  • Provide neutral, responsive, and inclusive leadership.
  • Honor our ultimate purpose, which is to foster lifelong values, good citizenship, ethics, and a fair-play approach among student-athletes while promoting safe athletic environments.

Vision Statement

The Oakland Athletic League recognizes that interscholastic athletic activities are an integral part of a student’s educational experience.

Therefore, our vision is to create a league where all students, regardless of their playing level, gender, sexual orientation, or physical handicaps, have a safe and nurturing environment to develop as a whole person through sports.

Our Priorities Are:

  • To enhance member schools’ abilities to offer safe and fair interscholastic athletic programs.
  • Increase opportunities for participation for students and member schools through expanding sports programs, divisions, and levels of play.
  • To promote healthy, safe, and fair interscholastic competition and develop programs that will increase academic achievement toward high school completion.

Our Approach



We are a team that provides positive and effective athletic programming for middle school students in OUSD.



We serve Oakland youth (grades 6-8), their families, and our communities across all neighborhoods in Oakland, regardless of race, gender, ability, and socio-economic status.



We provide access to high-quality comprehensive athletic programming for all middle school students in OUSD. We are dedicated to providing equitable opportunities, bearing in mind the particular needs of specific demographics. We serve by providing support through sports, youth development, career exploration, and community engagement. We are always evolving to meet the current needs of our students.



In partnership with the Oakland community, our team serves Oakland youth through positive coaching by providing a holistic framework that encourages and supports youths’ overall development, regardless of ability, in a safe, inclusive, organized, and nurturing environment.

We support coaches in our community by providing them with the training, ongoing development and support so that they can effectively serve our youth. We work in partnership with administrators and educators to provide the most comprehensive support possible to our youth.